dream comes true...

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salam semua... hari yg indah di pagi yg ceria... makae doh ko?? ambo ambik shake jah... diet mode... winkkk... today i would like to share a newcomer in my life... just bought it yesterday..  feeling2 masterchef gitteeewww...

haaa... adik manes nk tau apa dia??? ahkak jah mu ni beli electric oven... baru nk berjinak2 dgn dunia baking... hihihi... kenapa tetiba muncul idea nk beli oven ni?? macam la ahkak jah mu ni rajin bebenor ke dapur??

kisahnya bermula apabila ahkak jah jatuh hati dgn rvc... pastu, setiap kali ahkak beli rvc, ia turut menjadi kegemaran anak2 esp si abeed yg memang x suka makan... maka kos utk mendapatkan rvc iteww bg sesiapa yg tahu, amatlah menjerut poket... so i think it's a best solution to make the rvc by my own rather than buy from the market..

as there is no oven in my kitchen (got microwave oven only... a big NO to get a perfect baking cake), i decided to buy a new one.. so i asked the expert, brand it is not a big issue since the function almost the same... i ended up with this... pensonic AE 420 N..

here's some details about the product... i just copy paste from the pensonic website...


  • 1800W
  • 42L
  • 60 minute Timer with Auto Shut Off and Chime
  • Adjustable Temperature Control with Indicator Light
  • Tray , Tray Handle & Grid Iron Provided
  • Rotisserrie Fork Provided (AE-350N/420N)
  • Heater Selector for Upper with Convection / Upper with Rotisserrie / Both with Convection & Rotisserie / Both Heater (AE-350N/420N)

 till then... chiowww...

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