birthday party for zulfah

12:16 PM Hafezahzainudin Z 0 Comments

salam semua readers.. alhamdulillah.. pejam celik, pejam celik, si kecik ni dh pun nk masuk 2 tahun... & she has a younger brother too.. hihihi.. she is a big sister now.. eventhough still imagine that she is the bongsu of family.. really manja & sometimes jeles kt her younger brother..

this year we cannot celebrate her birthday during the exact birthday date.. so we decided to organise a small birthday party before her birthday together with my MIL's birthday & my BIL's anniversary.. i baked some red velvet cuppies & cake.. disebabkan guna oven orang, maka cuppies mengalami sedikit kerentungan.. then masa baked cake, baru la adjust ikut oven tu.. the cake was delicious.. the cuppies sedikit dry & hangit.. but the kids makan je smpai habis cuppies tu sbb terpesona dgn decorating frosting dia... hahahhahah...

let's the pictures do the talking... ahkak mu ni pun bukannyer rajin sgt nk tulis panjang2.. hihihi..


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