beauty concious..

11:59 AM Hafezahzainudin Z 0 Comments

salam adek maness.. ahkak jah bersiaran dlm opis sambil memikirkan project seterusnya.. memandangkan dh lama x write something kat blog, today i would like to share one of my beauty tools.. tool ker?? hantam saja lah labu...

as uolzz know, my face is a little bit oily.. berkilau seperti kilauan emas kekdahnya... so what i do need is a foundation that covers my scars & non-grease typed.. actually, i prefer MAC but it's hard to find MAC in KB.. there's no MAC boutique in KB to be precise..

what i did is find a replacement.. changed to other brand.. after tried loreal n maybelline, i still not satisfy with the end result.. then jalan2 for a counter to another counter & akhirnya lepak2 jap kt revlon counter..

so i tried a few range of revlon foundations & suddenly pick this called photoready with spf 20.. i applied on my hand & wallah, it was smooth, non-greasy & very light...

so for those who looking for a light foundation for oily skin, this is for u.. uolzz should try it.. highly recommended.. btw, i bought revlon lipstick too.. but still prefer Dior addict lipstick...

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