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salam readers.. as i promised to share about my delivery experience, i hope you will gain some knowledge about delivery process since there is a significant difference of approach in UK & Malaysia... before i start my writing, just bare in your mind, previously all my children were born in private hospitals in Malaysia.. here, this was my first time giving birth in public hospital, in UK. so, let's compare.. hihihi..

the contraction started from 4am 18th january 2014.. it was a week break after exam (for those who took exam.. me is excluded) before a new semester begins.. From 4am - 2pm, the contraction was consistent with 10 minute interval.. it became stronger after that.. around 4pm my water was broke & at that time my contraction was approx around 3-5 minute interval.. so i called the hospital & rushed to Princess Anne Hospital..

ahmad uzayr firhad
we safely arrived to the hospital around 4.40pm & directly went to broadlands birth centre (kira wad bersalin la nih).. with confident i told them that i want to try water birth & they escorted me to a pool room.. then the midwife asked me to get my urine sample & she took my pad for further examination.. but unfortunately i did not get the opportunity to try water birth since my color of amniotic fluid was not clear..the colour was yellowish range.. she explained that maybe the baby had poo inside the womb.. so we carried on with the normal method...hwaaa... nangessss... ingat nak try water birth kt sini... so we went to a labour room... for your information, labour rooms & pool rooms are not in the same level..

another firhad in the house
in the labour room, they put me in monitoring condition with belts on my tummy.. i asked them to remove the belts because i felt uncomfortable.. but they couldn't do so.. they explained politely how important to them to monitor my condition closely since they suspected that baby has had bowel movement before labour.. after a q&a session in regards my previous deliveries, the they did a VE (vaginal examination) to check my progress.. just imagine after more than 1 hour i reached the hospital, baru nak check jalan.. in Malaysia, the situation could be very different.. they will perform VE right after your reach hospital.. meaning ko sampai je hospital, terus di jolok nyerr.. the best part was, after they did the VE, they said that i was ready to deliver since i already 8cm dilated.. nah kau!!! debushhh...

widad & new brother
sudah cukur
during my antenatal check up, i chose to be 'active' which mean the mother is take control of the situation & not the midwife.. the midwife only do her job when we are ready to deliver... maksudnyer ko dah rasa nk teran, berak & kencing baru ko panggil midwife tu.. setakat ko tunjuk muka kental tahan contraction tu, dia buat derkkk jerr... midwife x jauh pun.. hujung kaki ko jerr... dia just monitor dr jauh dgn student tu sbb ko pilih active labour kan... because this was a 5th child, so i know the right time to push.. actually, i wasn't push the baby out.. just control your breathing & the baby will come out without any pushing.. they push themselves..
the student & midwife
sambung cerita.. english please... so i had 3rd tear degree.. help yourself by google it.. i'm lazy to explain.. i had a few stitches.. i didn't face any complication.. uri lengkap.. bleeding rate was normal.. so, i rested in the labour room about 3 hours.. the student offered me some drink & biscuits.. never say no to rezeki.. makan dengan gelojoh sekali even it were a cup of tea &  a small pack of cracker.. rasa macam sedap gilerr.. then, they took me to the ward... spouse is not allowed to accompany their wife.. the baby will be place in the baby cot, beside mother's bed.. uzayr is good boy.. he doesn't make a sound during that night.. so i got a quality sleep in the hospital.. pendek kan cerita.. ahkak dibenarkan pulang keesokan harinya.. ahkak dalam wad berkain batik ajer.. sempoiii gettew..

fresh from womb

so the baby's head came out but the body still inside.. remember the student?? so the midwife was busy explaining something to the student & suddenly i felt another contraction.. i just couldn't help myself to give another gentle push.. hambik kau.. tergezutt member 2 org tu.. tetiber je dh kuar satu badan.. actually the midwife told me to listen to her direction.. meaning kalu dia tak suruh teran lagi, jangan le teran dulu.. ate, mana nk tahan ye dakk?? kepala dah keluar, tapi badan sangkut lagi.. bile rasa contraction je, terus push.. tak tunggu dah arahan selanjutnyerr... but, ada but nyerr.. the consequence is you might be end up with higher tear degree.. paham?? tak paham my english?? i know that i'm using advanced english.. that's why not many readers understand what i'm trying to explain... wakakakkaka..

the latest pic.. taken while writing this entry
now, enjoy the pictures.. malas nak tulis.. before i forget, here, they do not implement makan ubat berak anymore.. they said if you poo during delivery, that's ok & it's normal.. don't feel embarrass.. kalau kt Malaysia, ko dah kena sumpah seranah plus kutukan masyarakat midwife & doktor.. hahhahaha...



what a loooooooooooooooooooong silence..

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salam readers.. Sorry for the super long silence.. I guess many of you are wondering where I was been missing.. well.. Yeah, I'm still here.. Struggling with a family and student life in Southampton.. For readers who are not in my friend list in Facebook, there is a new addition in my family members.. I'm a mother of 5 children.. The youngest baby was born on 18th January 2014 around 6.46pm during winter season.. It was a fresh experience by giving birth in another country specifically in the UK.. Now, I'm 35++ days of my confinement period.. i will write about my delivery experience later..

being a student & a mother is not an easy task.. i only managed to get a total 'pure' confinement ritual around 2 weeks.. the rest is totally absurd.. After 2 weeks, I started going to class as usual with bengkung.. It is a 2nd semester now.. i have a lot of assignments to submit next week.. 4 assignments to be exact.. but the LAZY mode is highly activated at the moment.. i wish my english writing as good as malay writing, but it is not.. nangessss kejap..

oh, by the way, i just changed my blog template.. i'm still do not know to remove the button bar or how to hyperlink it.. so if you click any button, you will got nothing.. actually, i found one cool template in the internet.. unfortunately, it is a premium template.. we have to purchase it first & the provider will give the code.. i will not spend USD20 just to buy a template for my personal blog.. But if I'm an entrepreneur, definitely i will buy it for my company website..

the current weather is sunny.. i think the winter is almost over & the spring will come sooner.. the flowers begin to bloom.. during winter, there was no snow in Southampton.. nangesssss... so we didn't have a chance to experience the snow... cryyyy again... it was only heavy wind & rain.. even there was no snow, the condition was super cold for me who have java blood.. orang java kan tak tahan sejuk.. but, the best thing is i found that the theory of hujan batu is true.. yeah.. hujan batu is exist.. it is like a small ice (diameter approx 3-5mm) falling from the sky.. 

one more thing i want to share before i forget.. i think many of you, you & you who kaki novel already read Melur Jelita masterpiece Awak Suka Saya Tak, I Love You, Stupid and My Precious Iris, khennn??? Me myself only discovered about this last month & ask my friend to bring ILUS & MyPI to UK... how do i know about the novel?? i found a online novel website & it publish a part of the novel.. so I accidently read ILUS in the website & totally fall in love with ILUS & MyPI.. after i got the novels, i finished my reading in 4 days.. i was only get chance to read it during night time because i need to rush to my class on day time remember? now, i'm a big fan of Melur Jelita & become her follower in facebook.. the good news from her recent post is, i guess, she will launch her new novel in the near future.. so, don't forget to prepare tissue kawan2.. for those who never read these novels, READ ITTT!!!! berbaloi2 even you feel so depress about the thickness.. yezzzz... both novels are thick.. imagine you read the whole cambridge dictionary.. macam tu la ketebalannya..

i think i better stop now.. the reason why i'm using english as my medium of language is i just want to improve my level of writing evethough i know there is no bombasticos words or complex sentence in my writing.. who need the complex when you have the simple one?? ini pun akhkak gigih dik oiii tulis dlm english.. ahkak rasa my grammar is going to drain.. lantak ler you oulzzz want to laugh or not.. janji ahkak berusaha & all my lecturer can understand what i'm trying to explain in my assignments.. for your information, my coursework doesn't has exam.. the evaluation is totally depends on the assignments.. oh, one more thing.. i feel so relief to start blogging again.. i really miss my blog world.. blogging is rock...